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  1. Paul Jenkins
    Paul Jenkins at · · Reply

    Great performance last night at Beaverwood Club, so much energy from each of you ……you seriously do get better every time I see you. Just a suggestion…..have you ever thought of adding ‘Valleys of Neptune’ and/or ‘Hey Baby New Rising Sun’ to your Hendrix set…terrific tracks IMHO….I’m sure you could do them justice. Thanks for keeping this music authentic and alive, Best Regards

  2. Andrea Cartwright
    Andrea Cartwright at · · Reply

    Brilliant night at the Palace Theatre, Paignton. It was the fourth time we had seen you and as usual did not disappoint. Many thanks guys. Fantastic tribute to Hendrix, Cream and Eric Clapton.

  3. Julie Roppert
    Julie Roppert at · · Reply

    Thank you guys for a great night of entertainment at the beehive 1 June.
    This was my first night out since losing my husband and I found myself tapping my foot and smiling thank you so much

  4. Tom
    Tom at · · Reply

    Hey guys, you were brilliant in Coventry last night. My first time seeing you and was really impressed. However, and there’s always a however. Advertised as a cream, hendrix Clapton tribute there wasnt much Clapton As a blues rock band I expected more Clapton tracks. I also listened to the new album, and only one blues track? Disappointed

    1. Voodoo Room
      Voodoo Room at · · Reply

      Hi Tom. Many thanks for your kind words and feedback re the set. We mix the running order up quite a lot to keep it fresh but we may have put in a couple more Cream compositions than we normally would do on that night. We’ll keep an eye on it – thank you! Do let us know if you come to see us again what Clapton tunes you’d like to hear. We will do requests. Pre 1976 though haha. Re the Tension City Blues album. We didn’t set out to make a Blues album as such and we don’t market it as a Blues album, the songs are in a Blues/Rock vein and a couple are almost Country/Rock in places, it’s reflecting the band’s influences that stretch beyond our love of Jimi, Eric and Cream, we’re big fans of CCR for example and The Allman Brothers etc. Our next album however will be more sparce and have a more rootsy vibe… That’s how it feels so far but we’ve a way to go on it. Hope to see you again man. Take care.

  5. Jim
    Jim at · · Reply

    I was a voodoo room virgin until last night when I and another couple of family members saw them at the Albany theater Coventry.
    What a fantastic show. Highly talented musicians giving their all for 3 hours of the best of Hendrix, Cream and Clapton. Well done guys and thank you for a wonderful nights entertainment. Can’t wait to see you again.

  6. John Tonks
    John Tonks at · · Reply

    Hi Steve. Thank you for coming to see us for the FOURTH TIME !! Amazing… Thank you so much for your support !! But that makes it even more upsetting to hear you hadn’t heard anything from us regarding your winning tickets !! Million apologies – heads will roll in the admin department. If you’d mentioned it to one of us on Friday in Witham we would have sorted it out on the spot! So we’ve sent you an email explaining the process and we hope you’ll come see us again for the FIFTH TIME but this time as our guests!! There will still probably be a fair amount of noodling though LOL 😉

  7. Steve K.
    Steve K. at · · Reply

    Last night I saw Voodoo Room play in Esther, Surrey.

    It was my third time watching them and they didn’t disappoint. Great mix of Hendrix, Cream and Clapton, played by the most talented musicians imaginable. And funny too! Lots of banter and laughs with the audience.

    For a £20 ticket you’d be hard pressed to find a better way to spend a few hours.

    So get your tickets booked, sit back and enjoy a fine evening of amazing tunes, warmth and fun. You won’t regret it!

  8. Tom Parr
    Tom Parr at · · Reply

    In Faversham last night to see the band for the third time. The energy hasn’t changed but the musicianship and intensity are even better than before. Third Stone From The Sun was a highlight. Two hours of power and joy. Thank you!

  9. Katy
    Katy at · · Reply

    Just saw you in Worthing. Blew me and Mum away. Such slick and talented musicians. The stand-in(?) bass player has such a great harmonious voice.
    Despite another comment I’ve read above – I found the “banter” a welcome aspect and made it feel more personable in such a big room.
    Shame it took so long for the audience to warm up but that’s the nature of the all seated, large venue I guess!?
    Top tip – If you come back to Worthing (which I sincerely hope you do) try ‘The Factory Live’ as a venue. Much more intimate place with lively audiences ????

  10. Zita Tarr
    Zita Tarr at · · Reply

    Saw the band in a sold out Tunbridge Wells last night. They were ????great! I have actually seen Jimi Hendrix live in 66 and met him. He was a lovely, humble man, with an INCREDIBLE talent! I’m sure he’d be really happy that you are continuing his legacy. All 3 of you are superb musicians!!! Thanks for taking me back to my youth. ❤️

  11. Mike
    Mike at · · Reply

    Hi. Enjoyed the gig in Tunbridge Wells last night. There is no denying you are all very accomplished musicians. I’ve been attending gigs for 50 years now, in recent years mostly tribute bands. To be fair I was never an aficionado of Cream or Hendrix, but as a guitar player totally admire their skills.
    I felt the show a little spoilt by banal attempts at audience participation. The stupid draw was akin to a working man’s club, and worst of all the nonsense about Badge or White Room. The latter would have been my favourite song, the answer is you play both and less time wasted on lengthy drum and bass solos or chatter. There were, I noticed, calls of ‘get on with it’.Having said that, how about some history and stories of the bands and their songs? That would certainly be, in my opinion, more professional.
    So, you asked for feedback and there it is. As I said, I think the music was fabulous and supremely wishes

    1. Voodoo Room
      Voodoo Room at · · Reply

      Hi Mike.. So glad you enjoyed the show! Many thanks for the feedback, it’s always good to get a wide opinion base so we can tweak the show.. Hope to see you again 🙂

  12. Phil Heyes
    Phil Heyes at · · Reply

    Saw the three of you rock The Trinity Theatre Tunbridge Wells tonight and you were just great. Thank you

  13. Graham Crighton
    Graham Crighton at · · Reply

    Just seen them in Wimborne, fantastic band to see classic rock blues played as it should be. Incredible musicianship, wonderful to watch and hear. Will definitely see them again.

  14. Sue Lewis
    Sue Lewis at · · Reply

    Hi everyone

    I was blown away by your concert in Colwyn Bay
    It was my lucky day. I had bumped into 2 different people I hadn’t seen for years One at the gig and they just happened to be sitting next to me !
    Then I won your free gig anywhere as a VIP and couldn’t believe it
    So much so I ran on stage and gave Peter a kiss thank you ????
    Unfortunately I haven’t heard from yourselves yet with the details Please get in touch Looking forward to seeing you again

    1. John Tonks
      John Tonks at · · Reply

      Hi Sue. There’s an email winging it’s way to you… Sorry for the delay our admin team are at full stretch at the moment… Me and Pete that is!! 😉

  15. Sue Lewis
    Sue Lewis at · · Reply

    Hi everyone

    I was blown away by your concert in Colwyn Bay
    It was my lucky day. I had bumped into 2 different people I hadn’t seen for years One at the gig and they just happened to be sitting next to me !
    Then I won your free gig anywhere as a VIP and couldn’t believe it
    So much so I ran on stage and gave Peter a kiss thank you ????
    Unfortunately I haven’t heard from yourselves yet with the details Please get in touch Looking forward to seeing you again

  16. Margaret Warner
    Margaret Warner at · · Reply

    Great music in Settle last night! What a fantastic evening, you guys really are amazing! We saw you in Knaresborough for the first time and were blown away so couldn’t wait to see you again in Settle. Hope to see you again soon.

  17. Jackie Hargreaves
    Jackie Hargreaves at · · Reply

    Brilliant performance at Settle, superb musicianship and entertainment from a very well thought out playlist. Outstanding solos that had the audience spellbound. Please come back to the Victoria Hall again soon!

  18. Roger Mallard
    Roger Mallard at · · Reply

    A great gig at Tetbury.
    Not ott just a blistering performance of some classic rock and blues, played by some of the best musicians around.
    If Cream were considered the first supergroup Voodoo Room are super in their own right.
    I’d love to see them at my local Theatre, The Palace Theatre Redditch.

  19. Stephen Gaulter
    Stephen Gaulter at · · Reply

    What an amazing show of musicianship at Tetbury Goods Shed yesterday evening! Voodoo Room were astonishing, recreating perfectly the output of Jimi Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding and that of Eric Clapton. Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker. Every member of the band was impeccable in their performances each showing off their individual talents at various points in the show. If you yearn for your youth and to be able to hear The Jimi Hendrix Experience or Cream again, just go to a Voodoo Room gig – you will not be disappointed!

  20. Duncan Betts
    Duncan Betts at · · Reply

    3rd Feb 2024 – Burnham on Sea

    What a superb set of musicians.
    Superlative musicianship, these guys deserve to be playing to much bigger audiences.
    If they come to your area, do not hesitate to go and see them you will witness musicians of the very highest calibre.
    Thank you chaps for a memorable gig.

  21. Teresa
    Teresa at · · Reply

    Amazing evening of pure beautiful rock. Super talented musicians.

    Impossible to sit still … so I didn’t.

    Looking forward to next time.

  22. Dewi Wyn Pritchard
    Dewi Wyn Pritchard at · · Reply

    Saw them at Colwyn Bay 01.02.2024 – absolutely outstanding musicians and a great night was had by all – the band members had a great rapport with the audience and were very funny. Totally recommended

  23. Carole
    Carole at · · Reply

    Best night value night out in ages. Great musicians , great set
    Please, please, come back to North Wales soon.

  24. David Mundell
    David Mundell at · · Reply

    Was slightly upset as my wife had booked tickets for Voodoo Room (in East Grinstead) when Spurs were on the telly….they lost and I won as the band were amazing playing all that great guitar based stuff from yesteryear. We were Voodoo virgins but our cherries were popped in style….well done guys!

  25. Tom Conlon
    Tom Conlon at · · Reply

    JAN 20TH ,2024. South Mill Arts; Bishops Stortford.

    We’ve all heard of ‘Bad Voodoo’…

    Outstanding performance by three class act musicians that are able to resurrect the music of Hendrix, Clapton & Cream to a level that grabs your soul …. This is ”Good Voodoo”

    The talent in this band is all the way up – level 11 .

    Thanks for a brilliant night guys.

    btw …venue did a pro job all round, Cheers

  26. Andrew Cummins
    Andrew Cummins at · · Reply

    Came to see you last night in Bishop’s Stortford 20/01/2024. A brilliant time was had by myself and the rest of the audience.
    Whilst there I purchased your DVD from Morecambe 2020 . This I watched this morning .
    Once again thankyou for a brilliant night’s entertainment.

  27. Andrew Cummins
    Andrew Cummins at · · Reply

    Saw you last night in Bishop’s Stortford
    20/01/2024. It was an excellent experience. The songs/music were
    Don’t give me that sh♤t give me more of your sh♤t !
    Many thanks for a wonderful evening!
    Keep up your excellent work.
    Andrew Cummins
    P.S. Purchased your double DVD live at Morecambe 2020 and have re-watched you again. Worth every moment.

  28. Suzanne
    Suzanne at · · Reply

    Live music cannot be beaten. Was at the gig in Bungay Friday 19th January 2024. Throughly enjoyed it. Superb musicianship. A trip down memory lane with musicians who channel the music of Clapton, Cream and Hendrix very well but with a fresh take. This was my second time at a voodoo room gig.

  29. Martin Griffiths
    Martin Griffiths at · · Reply

    Hi Guys,

    I have seen you many times and want to come along with some friends to the gig at the Robin 2 Bilston in January.

    What time is the set scheduled for?

    The information says doors open at 4pm until Midnight.

    We are all too old to stand for several hours waiting. We would prefer to plan our visit.

    Any ideas?

  30. Steve Haddon
    Steve Haddon at · · Reply

    Wow .. what an ‘Experience’ that was!!! I attended the St Austell Keay Theatre show .. Been a fan of Hendrix, Cream and Clapton since childhood and this band, was frightfully acurate to them!
    All 3 cds, a t-shirt and getting to meet the band afterwards .. essential stuff right here! Thank you!

    Straight Ahead!


  31. julia
    julia at · · Reply

    Brilliant gig last night in St Austell, thank you so much
    look forward to seeing you again!

  32. Chris and Jan
    Chris and Jan at · · Reply

    Terrific gig in Knaresborough. Third time of seeing Voodoo Room in 3 weeks – get better and better. Brought son up from London to introduce him. He will be seeking out SE gigs to introduce his friends who will become new generation of followers. Hopefully get over from France again in New Year,

    Judging by positive response to Tension City being played during the break putting in a couple of original numbers would be well accepted. As a Clapton suggestion perhaps you could think about Motherless Children which as well as being excellent is my wifes favourite so would earn me extra Brownie points.

    Chris and Jan

    1. Chris and Jan
      Chris and Jan at · · Reply

      reply to self. Just listened to CD 2 of live recording (excellent) and realised Motherless Children is in reprtpire just not on playlist of gigs we attended.

  33. Bob
    Bob at · · Reply

    Great show at the Lemon Tree ABERDEEN. My ears are still ringing. So pleased that the band didn’t try to copy the originals but instead put their own interpretation on some classic numbers.

  34. Ken Jones
    Ken Jones at · · Reply

    Woo woo! Great news that you’re coming back to the Square Chapel Halifax again guys. Piece Hall next!!

  35. C Mck
    C Mck at · · Reply

    Great gig in Glasgow last night. Very professional and great selection of tracks. Sorry turn out poor- blame Glasgow transport system! Hope to see again.

  36. Graham munday
    Graham munday at · · Reply

    Great gig last night at the hawth, closed my eyes and let the ? wash over me.took me back to my 60s era,could quite believe I was in the presence of Cream,Blindfaith. and Hendrix, well done guys brought back good vibes ?

  37. Gary Bigden
    Gary Bigden at · · Reply

    Saw band in Basildon last night and boy were they good. I have seen over 250 professional bands over the last 50 years and few of them have managed to produce a moment of magic like they produced when they performed ‘Third Rock From The Sun’ . I grew up a Hendrix fan but was only 12 when he unfortunately died, so never had a chance to see him perform live. I’ve seen Clapton many times but although a great guitarist, only Hendrix had the magic to send you to places further then the world we live in. Closing my eyes last night gave
    me the chance to get at least get a little closer to wonderful world of ‘live’ Hendrix. It was great to see some youngsters there last night. I grew up with many opportunities to see live music and i made the most of it, i just hope the youngsters of today will get many more chances to listen to music how it really supposed to be listened to, LIVE. I first saw ‘Voodoo Room’ at Hockley community centre, taking great music to the general public, keep it going guys, you do some truly wonderful stuff!

  38. Nick Rogers
    Nick Rogers at · · Reply

    Unbelievable gig last night at the Towngate theatre Basildon ?
    Pete seemed none the worse from his recent heart surgery intervention, in fact he seemed to have a new spring in his tail as he rang out those awesome rifts ?
    Tonks again did not disappoint. A master of the cans and sticks. His solo during ‘Toad’ seems to get better every time, awesome!
    And Jev, wow that guy has got some energy. Puts his heart and soul into strumming those base strings. Beautiful to watch as ever, especially his solo during ‘Crossroads’
    Glad you picked me out in the crowd guys wearing the Voodoo room colours.
    Be looking in anticipation for your next album and see you on the next gig I can get to.
    Keep it going guys and let’s keep music live ??

  39. Val Hunter
    Val Hunter at · · Reply

    Just back from Towngate theatre in Basildon. Absolutely brilliant night of great rock music performed by this fab and very talented trio. Saw them for the first time a year ago and couldn’t believe how good they were so had to go again to make sure. I think even better.
    Pete, take care and may you keep on rockin for a very long time.
    Long live live music.

  40. Wilkinson Family
    Wilkinson Family at · · Reply

    Voo Doo Room – Basildon! This is an amazing band, must see them live if you get a chance. Talented, amazing, and looking forward to seeing them again. Pete, Tonks and Jevon emulate Cream, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, and have raw talent and their own songs.
    Pete has an amazing voice, and both Pete and Jevon have pure guitar talent, Tonks – an amazing drummer – with a superb drumming solo!
    We feel very lucky to have seen them tonight.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery Pete – health, wealth and happiness to you all.
    Thanks for a fabulous and memorable night – you made our year! ?????

  41. Simon Howes
    Simon Howes at · · Reply

    Taunton 22.9.23 – First time seeing you tonight and Wow! Three musicians at the top of their game, playing the best music and clearly having fun. And to top it all you are all so approachable and such nice blokes to talk to! (Thanks for the bass tips Jevon). You have redefined my expectations of a live performance and we will definitely see you next time you are here. Thank you ?

  42. Paul Jee
    Paul Jee at · · Reply

    The band were absolutely fantastic in Chelmsford last night. Our tickets were a Father’s Day present as I hadn’t heard about the band before. We were absolutely blown away. Can’t wait to see them play again.

  43. Candy Gregory
    Candy Gregory at · · Reply

    How fab was VooDoo Room last night in Ramsgate! Immaculate performances by three very professional & competent musicians.
    Extraordinary how they brought Clapton & Hendrix to life.
    Highly recommend for a great night out

  44. Roger Neill
    Roger Neill at · · Reply

    Awesome, just brilliant musicians! Saw them last night in Maidenhead. I’d heard they were good and they didn’t disappoint especially Pete Orr with a great voice and manic riffs. It’s not easy to emulate Hendrix and Cream ; an amazing outfit , all superb musicians ; a wonderful night . Hope to see them again soon. Great new CD as well!

    Neil GRANT-RICHARDSON at · · Reply

    Cracking night in Emsworth last night! Loved every minute! A great pleasure to chat briefly to Mr. Tonks during the interval. John, Emsworth was always going to be better than The Horns!!! Come here again soon, or I’ll just have to go wherever you guys are playing!

  46. Mike Faulkner
    Mike Faulkner at · · Reply

    Hi Guys,Watched your show in Telford and got what I paid for,ALL THE MUSIC I LIKE ???????????Worth every Penny.The drum solo was the highlight for me but all three of you did the music justice.Rock on lads.

  47. Keith Owen
    Keith Owen at · · Reply

    Went to the Garrick last night and what an experience!
    It reminded me of the good old days when one of my favourite past pastimes was sitting down and listening to great music and enjoying a
    Got home last night went straight for the vinyl but unfortunately no soap because the doctor said it’s bad for my eyes.
    Thanks guys for a fabulous evening.
    Ps Have you ever played any Free ?

  48. Keith
    Keith at · · Reply

    Went to the Garrick last night and what an amazing experience!
    It made me want to re visit the great days when enjoying “Soaps” was my main pastime and when I got home out came the vinyl. The only thing missing was the soap but the doctor said it’s bad for my eyes!!!
    Looking forward to seeing the band again for another nostalgic trip.
    Sheer brilliance ?
    Ps Have you ever tinkered with throwing a “Free” song or two in?

  49. Kath Lomas-Button
    Kath Lomas-Button at · · Reply

    Saw you guys in Rotherham last night. I was a Voodoo Virgin!!! What a fantastic night. Such talent and a great atmosphere. Can’t wait for you to come up north again

  50. Gareth Richards
    Gareth Richards at · · Reply

    We saw them on Saturday night at The Beehive in Honiton, they were brilliant.
    The nuances and the feel of all three musicians were perfect.
    If you like Blues/Rock this is the band to see.
    We’ve booked to see them again in Exmouth, can’t wait!

  51. Dave Blatchford
    Dave Blatchford at · · Reply

    Usual terrific show last night at Memo in Barry. Well worth the 100 mile round trip from the Amman Valley. And thanks for taking time out to speak to your supporters during the interval. Took my mate who hadn’t seen you before and you now have a new 80 year old fan . Looking forward to Cardiff early next year.

  52. Dave Bishop
    Dave Bishop at · · Reply

    Oh what a night ….Friday 12th May at the newly refurbished Neeld Hall Chippenham. The place was packed and the band delivered an electric set.
    You three guys do the music of the late 60’s great justice. Having seen you in Melksham and Bath in the past, we can’t wait until Jan ’24 to catch you at the Komedia… here’s hoping that you can grace the main stage then.
    I’ve still got Hendrix songs playing in my head…
    Pity you had to leave out White Room ( tired starlings, restless diesels, goodbye-windows) but Badge was a great substitute. Brilliant Bass and Drum solos from Jev and Tonksy, and Pete finger-force to be reckoned with.
    Thanks again from Dave and the Lads from Bath.

  53. JOY LUNN
    JOY LUNN at · · Reply

    Brilliant gig at the lovely Century Theatre, Coalville last night to a full house. Every number a winner. Love you guys – thank you for keeping the music of Hendrix, Clapton and Cream alive and live, and bringing it to a younger audience. See you at The Garrick, Lichfield soon. Great night. Thank you.

  54. Cliff King
    Cliff King at · · Reply

    Great gig tonight. It certainly stopped my Tinnitus screaming for a few hours. Nice to hear the Radio Station I work for breaking through your sound system. Sorry about that.

  55. Bryan Izzard
    Bryan Izzard at · · Reply

    Went to a gig at Carshalton (not Surbiton!) It was a brilliant experience, absolutely blown away with the music, some I knew but a lot I didn’t, will definitely have to see them again.

  56. Peter Hurn
    Peter Hurn at · · Reply

    Brilliant gig tonight at the Cryer in Carshalton (not b…. Surbiton!). You guys have nailed it and that’s no easy task. Well done to all 3 of you and hope to see you again somewhere in South London soon.

  57. Dave and Liz
    Dave and Liz at · · Reply

    Thanks for great evening’s entertainment at Aylesbury last night.
    Loved the music and the jokes! Especially brilliant drum solo. Come back soon!

  58. James Bacon
    James Bacon at · · Reply

    Had a great night at St George’s theatre great Yarmouth. You Guys are awesome. Can’t wait to see you again at the marina theatre Lowestoft in may ??

  59. Graham Anthony White
    Graham Anthony White at · · Reply

    I was front row at the Wimborne. You guys were brilliant. A great set.

  60. Roger Platford
    Roger Platford at · · Reply

    3rd March 2023 …Saw them tonight in St.Ives. I’d heard they were good and they didn’t disappoint.It’s not easy to emulate Hendrix and Cream ; an amazing outfit , all superb musicians ; a wonderful night . Hope to see them in Manchester some time .

  61. Eddie Joslin
    Eddie Joslin at · · Reply

    Fantastic gig at The Tivoli in Wimborne last night. Thank you and I’m looking forward to the next time. Funny thing – I keep on singing that Russ Abbot song, Atmosphere!

  62. Chris Walker
    Chris Walker at · · Reply

    Saw you in Peterborough on 9th Feb 2023. Three very accomplished musicians playing Hendix, Cream and Clapton tracks. What a great night, and such nice guys too chatting with people in the interval.
    I know I wasn’t alone in curiously purchasing the ‘Tension City Blues’ CD of your original work – so glad I did, I love it!
    Listening to the track ‘Shock’ very loudly in the car today!
    Wishing you all the very best!

  63. paulineebsworth
    paulineebsworth at · · Reply

    I see the band in Didcot on Saturday night , it’s the best night out i’ve had in ages. Power to you in all aspecs of the show, so professional, obviously well practiced, but grounded with it.

  64. Chris D Smith
    Chris D Smith at · · Reply

    Thank you for rocking Didcot on Saturday evening , absolutely amazing brilliant musician’s .
    Worth waiting the three years, following cancellation due to the first lock down.
    Thanks as well for playing “Watchtower” I just threw it in when you were changing last number.
    Looking to see you again soon.

  65. Barbara Clarke-Dawson
    Barbara Clarke-Dawson at · · Reply

    Had the pleasure of seeing these guys in concert in Didcot last night. Very impressed with the amazing quality of the musicians & so enjoyed listening to the great music of Hendrix and Clapton. Looking forward to seeing them again.

  66. Kathryn Fletcher
    Kathryn Fletcher at · · Reply

    Just seen voodoo room at Didcot last night. Three virtuoso musicians. Wow. Much of the music was new to me believe it or not. Now I understand why Hendrix and Clapton were so famous if they could play like these guys. Drums, bass, guitar all a revelation.
    Come back soon.

  67. Hank Hancock
    Hank Hancock at · · Reply

    I was spirited back 50 years to the music of my youth. Pete Orr is as good as Hendrix on the guitar, to the point of having a feedback button on his Marshall amp to reproduce those classic sounds never heard before Hendrix invented them. Voodoo Room is a virtuoso band not to be missed for the shear energy of their performance.

  68. Milt Ives
    Milt Ives at · · Reply

    Fantastic gig last night at Trading Boundaries! First time I’ve seen you but it won’t be the last.

  69. Greg wade
    Greg wade at · · Reply

    Was lucky enough to be at key theatre
    Peterborough last evening , truly amazing evening 3 hugely talented musicians gave an amazing show certainly heading to see again when in the area , would recommend anyone a gig these guys out on a great show

  70. Marjie Barham
    Marjie Barham at · · Reply

    Just seen you guys at the Key theatre loved the whole experience and such a great rapport with the audience will definitely come to see you again

  71. Valerie
    Valerie at · · Reply

    Very professional band , come together perfectly
    All three musicians are heads above everyone else ..
    Their set will blow you out of your seats , just bloody brilliant
    I have seen y’all twice now and due to see you again in October at Basildon Towngate , can’t wait ..

  72. Steve Wilde
    Steve Wilde at · · Reply

    Amazing, start to finish, full of heart and technical ability.

    Keep rocking and spreading the love guys.

    Hope to see you in Paignton again 😉

    1. John Tonks
      John Tonks at · · Reply

      HI Steve. Thanks for your kind words sir. We are back in Paignton on June 2nd Place Theatre. Hopefully see you there! Cheers!

  73. Mick
    Mick at · · Reply

    I’ve seen you guys six times now, bought your CD and am constantly checking gif guides to see when you are playing next. I guess that says enough about what I think of you!

  74. Angie Barclay
    Angie Barclay at · · Reply

    The Lemon Tree Aberdeen
    Nov 2022
    Absolutely amazing….. such a treat to hear this music live! Second time we’ve been & can not wait till the next one!!! Honestly were the best gigs in a very long time.

  75. Sue
    Sue at · · Reply

    Saw you at the Wharf Tavistock on the 14th Jan ,(3rd or 4th time I think)
    Fantastic set , band gets better each time I see you!
    Come back soon! xxx

  76. Fi M.
    Fi M. at · · Reply

    We can’t wait to see you again at The George Theatre in GY! We enjoy your amazing talents every time we watch you guys.

  77. Georgie
    Georgie at · · Reply

    The definition of go hard or go home. The entire band have phenomenal musical talent and a connection to their instruments. As a voodoo virgin, I cannot wait to see them again!

  78. Lyn Casling
    Lyn Casling at · · Reply

    Brilliant concert at Acapela, Pentyrch , Cardiff last night (13 Jan 2023). Great musicians in a great venue. I heard a number of people ask the Programme Director to bring you back soon. I bought the dvd and your album of originals. The cd is excellent. Look forward to seeing you again.

  79. Laine
    Laine at · · Reply

    amazing gig tonight in Bungay , we had a wonderful night listening to these guys who are just such awesome musicians

  80. Jan
    Jan at · · Reply

    Hey Guys….We bought your phenomenal album Tension City Blues at Medina gig IOW a couple of weeks back – absolutely brilliant!!!
    We’d really love to see you perform this material live too!
    Hope enough of us request this ?

  81. Yvonne Bonucchi
    Yvonne Bonucchi at · · Reply

    What an absolutely amazing night. Fantastic musicianship. Great humour and great integration between the band members. You can tell that they love to jam together. Worth every penny we spent on our tickets. Saw these guys live at backstage Kinross an intimate venue and boy will be treated to the most fantastic night. The creativity and their engagement with the audience was simply fantastic. Solo playing was amazing as was the trio playing together. Thanks guys for an absolutely brilliant gig I can recommend you guys to absolutely everybody. Get your tickets and get along to one of their gigs they are brilliant.

    1. Yvonne Bonucchi
      Yvonne Bonucchi at · · Reply

      And guys thanks for sense of humour ref “Magic Roundabout”. I thought it was a bit of fun and a kick back to an era of our generation. You were all amazing!!!!!!!

  82. Tony Christian - Radio Caroline Flashback
    Tony Christian - Radio Caroline Flashback at · · Reply

    These guy’s are the real deal. Musically something else and a real pleasure to talk to as a band off stage with an unpretentious attitude that some bands have. It was so good to interview Pete who I have met before on my show on Radio Caroline Flashback ahead of there gig where he kindly invited me to attend there gig as a guest. Do check this band out !

    Tony Christian
    Radio Caroline Flashback.

  83. Dave Waterman
    Dave Waterman at · · Reply

    I saw the show in Basildon last night. I wasn’t expecting much. It was terrific. A great performance. The music was played with real passion. An absolute treat. You need to see Voodoo Room!

  84. chris
    chris at · · Reply

    2022 Mirren Studio Towngate Basildon.
    5th or 6th time of seeing the band. Had a great night. Bought the Tension City Blues CD which all three musicians signed, thanks.
    Noticed that the Bass is credited to Andy Tolman. I believe Andy left the band around 2015. The CD is dated 2020 and the front cover appears to show Jevon on Bass.
    I haven’t heard a better first Blues CD since we saw Larry Miller for the first time. Definitely a powerful force that should be played on Planet Rock and other good music stations.
    See VOODOO ROOM first chance you get. If you like their sounds you’ll be hooked for life on them. Super live show.

  85. C.Brown
    C.Brown at · · Reply

    Bloody hell, what a fabulous night at Silsden Town Hall. You guys were awesome!
    Even without winning a free pair of tickets I will definitely be seeing you in the future.

  86. Charis Wright
    Charis Wright at · · Reply

    You were a real treat to watch on Thursday at The Elgiva. Totally rock and roll – mind boggling talent; energetic radiance. You showed such skilful balance in capturing raw essence of Hendrix, Clapton and Cream whilst also letting your inner musicality take a shining focus. AWESOME and jaw-dropping in parts, particularly when you as individuals really took your instruments on a journey.

    Thanks for a wonderful evening. Best of luck to you and hope to see you very soon indeed ❤

  87. Terry Burns
    Terry Burns at · · Reply

    Fabulous show in Melksham last night, such talented musicians, great chat between the songs and those solos were amazing!! I bought a tee shirt too !!

  88. Geoff
    Geoff at · · Reply

    Amazing gig tonight in Melksham. Hurry back!!

  89. Jane Roberts
    Jane Roberts at · · Reply

    Just back from date night with hubbie at St. Georges theatre Gt. Yarmouth ( beautiful theatre)
    Wow what a show. Thank you so much. Didnt think it would be my thing, but I really enjoyed it. Especially, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, the drum solo!!!!!Amazing throughout. Richards looking to book when youre next near us . Nov in Bungay. xx

  90. Tony Christian - Radio Caroline DJ
    Tony Christian - Radio Caroline DJ at · · Reply

    Saw these guys perform last night at Quay Arts on the Isle of Wight. They were absolutely incredible, cant wait to meet Pete and the guys again.

  91. James
    James at · · Reply

    18th Feb – Enjoyed it all other than the “solos” near the end, given the very late hour as well these were just too much. However the volume was too high (fine at first until turned up) and risks hearing loss in small venues.

    1. John Tonks
      John Tonks at · · Reply

      Hi James. Thank you for your comment.
      We will certainly keep an eye on things for the future.
      Hope to see you again.
      All the best

  92. Greg
    Greg at · · Reply

    Great gig in Leeds on Friday guys. My VR cherry well and truly popped. Come back soon.
    Also loving the Tension City Blues album and would definitely come see you do your original material live.
    Pete, since you’ve been good enough to share your music here’s a link to one of my albums. (That’s me on backing vocals!)
    At The Roundhouse

    1. Pete
      Pete at · · Reply

      Hi Greg, I was at the gig (the Roundhouse, Hawkwind), what a night.

  93. Brian Fish
    Brian Fish at · · Reply

    Friday 11th Feb – Seven Arts Leeds
    Fantastic set from Voodoo Room. Lived up to all my expectations., really good musicians playing classics with “the gusto they deserve”. Well deserved standing ovation after 2 hours of great entertainment.

  94. Marie
    Marie at · · Reply

    Saw this terrific band at the Mill in Banbury…….hope they come back and perform here again soon! Very talented musicians playing all my favourites: the great Jimmi Hendrix, Cream, Spencer Davis and more. Haven’t been to such a great gig in a long time. Bought a couple of their cd’s which are awesome. Definately a FAN off these guys, go see them live you will be blown away for sure 🙂

  95. Quentin Allen
    Quentin Allen at · · Reply

    I attended the cranleigh gig on Saturday 30th October expecting a competent tribute band but that thought was blown away in the first 10 minutes!! They were exceptional and sitting in the crowd of mostly older aficionados of jimi and Eric’s music they were accorded two standing ovations at the end. Fantastic! I saw jimi and cream in the 60s and if I closed my eyes, I was back there!! Will definitely see them again.

  96. Jon Lucas
    Jon Lucas at · · Reply

    Superb last night in Cranleigh Art Centre. Come back again soonest!

  97. Tommy Carroll
    Tommy Carroll at · · Reply

    We went to see voodoo room last night at the mill in Banbury. WOW, what a night. We are still talking about the show. Absolutely brilliant. We apologise to all 3 guys for not coming out to see you sooner. What a knock out show. Anyone looking for value for money and a proper band, man you won’t find better. I am trying not to use swear words. Go and see this band and you will understand. Everyone we have spoken to who have asked us what we thought about voodoo room we have told them book tickets. B R I L L I A N T. Thank you guys, Tommy & Jane Carroll. Oxford.

  98. Denise Arnett
    Denise Arnett at · · Reply

    Saw the band for the first time last night at Banbury and it was an awesome performance by all three band members.
    Will definitely catch them again and wear my t-shirt with pride!
    Well done guys for keeping the music of bygone years alive and kicking

  99. Paul ludwig
    Paul ludwig at · · Reply

    Just watched the band in Deal Kent on 22nd October
    Fantastic evening , you guys were so good , very impressed . Hopefully you will be back in Deal .Highly recommend them – superb musicians and very tight , also seem good guys

  100. Steve Wright
    Steve Wright at · · Reply

    Brilliant gig at Swindon Arts Centre last night. It took me back to my youth, lying under my car fixing a gear box and listing to Cream on the John Peel show. Those were the days!

  101. Mal Scull
    Mal Scull at · · Reply

    Great night seeing this talented band in Swindon, every member a great musician & did there own solo.
    Would recommend any music lovers to see them, once again thanks for a great night Voodoo Room.

    1. Terry Keogh
      Terry Keogh at · · Reply

      Blimey, what a cracking set from Voodoo Room! Exquisite musicianship fellas, thanks very much indeed. Only sorry we got caught up in ‘Crosstown Traffic’ and missed the opening 3 numbers!!! By some way the best night I’ve ever had in Swindon! Will defo be checking you out again sometime soon.

  102. John Lloyd
    John Lloyd at · · Reply

    Thank you guys for a brilliant gig at The Wharf, Tavistock, Devon on Friday 15th October 2021. Blown away by your excellent musicianship, your great choice of numbers from the featured artist’s extensive back catalogue and your enjoyable stage presence. It was great to chat to you after the gig too when you were very generous with your time after you had worked so hard! Please come back to Tavistock next year!

  103. Dave Bearman
    Dave Bearman at · · Reply

    Fantastic performance at Bridgwater Arts Centre on 16th Oct. 2021 – 3 exceptional musicians, 1 exceptional band!

  104. Ethan
    Ethan at · · Reply

    Amazing performance last night in Tavistock. A breathtaking performance by 3 of the most talented musicians today. I could not recommend you guys enough to any true music connoisseur, can’t wait to see you again!

  105. andrew dickson
    andrew dickson at · · Reply

    great gig at macarts gala last night

    I’m still buzzing from it, and I look forward to seeing you again

    great baker-esque solo, john

  106. Rod gordon
    Rod gordon at · · Reply

    Saw the band last year in st ives Cornwall, have seen you before in Eastbourne and Chichester,great shows you get inside those bands and there music in an impressive way,also reccomend tension city blues very together and tight,

    1. John Tonks
      John Tonks at · · Reply

      Hi Rod. Thanks for the kind words sir!
      Hopefully we will be able to do some live shows at some point this year.

      We are very happy you like the new album.

      All the best for 2021

  107. Dawn Stanley
    Dawn Stanley at · · Reply

    I’m total Hendrix but saw voodoo room play in art center Gainsborough twice awesome shut ur eyes its Hendrix and Clapton bought DVD can’t wait to see them again

    1. John Tonks
      John Tonks at · · Reply

      Hi Dawn. Thank you so much for the lovely review. We hope to see you when we can start gigging again.
      Stay well.

  108. Colin Murphy
    Colin Murphy at · · Reply

    Saw Voodoo Room Saturday Night at the Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks. They were Brilliant. Very accomplished musicians. If you get the chance to go and see them, I would certainly recommend you get your ticket for a great night out.

    Thanks Gentlemen.

  109. jamie
    jamie at · · Reply

    I saw this awesome band in Neath last night , I was blown away by them , superb musicianship, and friendly guys too , I really want to see this band again, every member was a master of his craft , which is rare these days. hard rock done right – whats not to like !

  110. Nigel
    Nigel at · · Reply

    Saturday’s gig – Voodoo Room at The Elgiva. Classic 3 piece – guitar, drums and bass. 2 stacks, a few pedals and a kit. They used the theatre sound and lighting rigs. Sound basically OK, but lighting had a major fail 3 numbers in. Blackout – and when the rig crawled back into action an obvious DMX fail – no varilites. Thankfully sorted during the interval…
    So – about the music. The key here (given what they’re covering) – is can the guitarist do Hendrix and Clapton and the drummer do Ginger Baker? The answer – a resounding Yes! Voodoo Chile, All Along The Watchtower, Layla – excellent. And the drummer did an ‘in style’ solo in memory of Ginger. They also benefited from a talented bass player.
    Thoroughly recommended if they come near you…

  111. Ian Ball
    Ian Ball at · · Reply

    Just seen you at The Elgiva, Chesham – absolutely superb musicianship, I don’t know how you achieve it, I guess hours of practice and the love of doing it.

    Really enjoyed myself (although my wife was not keen on coming – too loud for her) !

    Thanks once again, hope to see you another time.

  112. David Fraser
    David Fraser at · · Reply

    I saw Voodoo Room last night in Aberdeen. What a totally brilliant gig. These guys played relentlessly for nearly three hours – amazing musicians, amazing sound and totally amazing flawless set. They had everybody rockin’ in the superb intimate venue of The Lemon Tree. I have never enjoyed a gig so much. All the Cream hits and even Toad too. Yes, Toad – awesome drumming. I loved Cream, but never had the opportunity to see them – my mum thought 11 was a bit young and they never came to Elgin anyway. The 50 year wait was so worthwhile. Thank you all!

  113. Richard
    Richard at · · Reply

    Great gig at Peterborough Key theatre on 19th Sept 2019. Fabulous playing for well over 2 hours. John Tonks also had time for us in the bar afterwards to talk music. You can’t see Hendrix, you can’t see Cream anymore and you’re lucky if you get to see Clapton, but fear not, this really is the next best thing. Get yourself to a gig soon, you won’t regret it!

  114. Jay and Dianne Nicholson
    Jay and Dianne Nicholson at · · Reply

    Saw you guys in Torrington last night – for the second time – and you did not disappoint. I think the endearing memory will be your rendition of “3rd Stone From the Sun”, which you really nailed. Superb! As you said last night, it’s a challenging piece which really highlights the musicianship of lead, bass and drums. So pleased that you took it on as we don’t hear it anywhere near enough on mainstream media. I remember back in the day, some pop band stole the riff and went unchallenged over the whole time the tune was being played on the radio. I was livid! Anyway. Thanks so much for your brilliant session last night. My wife and I went home so happy. P.S. We also loved your “Toad – the extended version”!

  115. Jeff Owen
    Jeff Owen at · · Reply

    Great show at East Grinstead last night. Definitely will see these guys again.

  116. Kev Slater
    Kev Slater at · · Reply

    Saw Voodoo Room in Stafford on 17th May. What a truly fantastic band. An extremely talented and entertaining trio! Jevon is possibly one of the best bass players I’ve seen/heard and I’ve seen a good few over the years. A brilliantly tight performance frim all three guys. Please tell me you’ll be back in Stafford soon.

  117. Terry Spurden
    Terry Spurden at · · Reply

    Hi guys. Came to see you play at The Broadway, in Barking. You guys were awesome. Brilliant musicianship. As good, if not better than the original bands. Was totally blown away. Can’t wait to see you guys again. SUPERB.

  118. Angela Saunders
    Angela Saunders at · · Reply

    Saw Voodoo Room at the Mercury Theatre last night. Wasn’t really sure what to expect as I’m not particularly a Hendrix, Cream or Clapton fan but do enjoy a good live gig. Well I certainly got that and a whole lot more, these guys are superb musicians. They were on stage for nearly three hours and played all the Hendrix, Cream & Clapton classics. They look like they really enjoy what they are doing and certainly provide a great evening of entertainment for the audience.

    If you get the chance to see Voodoo Room, grab it, you won’t regret it.

    1. John Tonks
      John Tonks at · · Reply

      Thank you ! 🙂 X

    JACKIE BARNES at · · Reply

    Just spent fantastic evening watching these guys perform magic. Terrific musicians , wouldn’t hesitate in seeing them again .

    1. John Tonks
      John Tonks at · · Reply

      Thank you so much 🙂 Our pleasure x

  120. Chris
    Chris at · · Reply

    We saw Voodoo Room for the first time last night at the Good Intent in Petersfield and had travelled from Basingstoke to see them.
    A very cosy venue but what a performance. I have been a Hendrix/Cream Clapton admirer for many years and was totally blown away by the musicianship of these guys. It was like a masterclass in how to play and I can’t wait to see them again wherever the venue. Inspiring!!!! Thanks for such a great performance guys.

  121. Dave Bishop
    Dave Bishop at · · Reply

    Well What a Gig, a crowd of us saw Voodoo Room for the 2nd time at the Bath Komedia last Thursday, they were superb… Being of an age when I bought Hendrix & Cream 1st time around on vinyl it was great to not only hear some favourites but also to be close enough to appreciate the great musician ship of the band.
    It is fitting that V.R. play Bath as both Jimi Hendrix and Cream played our famous old Rock venue The Pavilion back in the 60s.
    On the night we were treated to a fantastic drum solo by the stand-in drummer who was great, to some fantastic bass playing that Jack Bruce & Noel Redding would have been proud of, and what accolades can we give Pete Orr , probably magic is best for the note perfect sounds he produces…
    The evening was rounded off with ‘Happy Birthday’ sung to Jeavon ~ Mr Bassman. We will be rounding up the troops to make sure that the band play the main stage at the Komedia next time they are in Bath.

  122. Dave Bishop
    Dave Bishop at · · Reply

    Well What a Gig, a crowd of us saw Voodoo Room for the 2nd time at the Bath Komedia last Thursday, they were superb… Being of an age when I bought Hendrix & Cream 1st time around on vinyl it was great to not only hear some favourites but also to be close enough to appreciate the great musician ship of the band.
    It is fitting that V.R. play Bath as both Jimi Hendrix and Cream played our famous old Rock venue The Pavilion back in the 60s.
    On the night we were treated to a fantastic drum solo by the stand-in drummer who was great, to some fantastic bass playing that Jack Bruce & Noel Redding would have been proud of, and what accolades can we give Pete Orr , probably magic is best for the note perfect sounds he produces…
    The evening was rounded off with ‘Happy Birthday’ sung to Jeavon ~ Mr Bassman. We will be rounding up the troops to make sure that the band play the main stage at the Komedia next time they are in Bath.

  123. jeffv
    jeffv at · · Reply

    Just recovering from the gig on the IOWight last night. To say that I was impressed would be a massive understatement. I really had my doubts that a group could get away with covering Hendricks and Cream, but I was wrong. So so wrong . The superlatives escape me awesome is as near as I can get.
    IOW audiences are hard to please and polite applause is the Norm. Not so last night if the band were not trying to get on a ferry back to the “North Island” they might still be playing encores.
    I will try to get to the next Southampton Gig .Ferry times permitting.

    The only thing not like the originals was the lack of Agro between Bass and Drums. Seeing Jack and Ginger back in the mid 60’s the drum solo would often end with Jack kicking over a high hat and Ginger throwing his sticks if not fists at Jack. The crowd loved it. Good old fashion Rock n Roll.

    Thanks again for a great nights nostalgia or was it neuralgia?

  124. Dave Bishop
    Dave Bishop at · · Reply

    Well what a band, 2nd time I have seen them at Bath Komedia. Grew up buying Hendrix and Cream Vinyl 1st time around, and both bands played the local Bath Pavilion back in the day… Cream 21 Nov 1966, Hendrix 20 Feb 1967 so for Voodoo Room to play Bath is a great treat to us old rockers.
    Thoroughly enjoyable gig last night, great musicianship, Top Drummer and awesome solo, Mr Bassman ‘ Happy Birthday to you’ Jack Bruce & Noel Redding would be very impressed.
    Mr Orr just keep on rocking mate! We must get you on the big stage at the Komedia next time, we’ll make sure the word gets around, and try and pack the place.
    many thanks Davie B ~ Bath

  125. Felix
    Felix at · · Reply

    Amazing special evening of nostalgia with 3 highly accomplished musicians delivering as near perfect sounds to the originals as possible. Stunning guitar work and probably the best drum solo I’ve ever heard. Best night out since 26th November 1968 at the Albert Hall! Many thanks.

  126. Geoff Lane
    Geoff Lane at · · Reply

    Saw these guys at Cranleigh last night. As a lifelong fan of Hendrix, Cream and Clapton I was wondering how they would do justice to such icons. I needn’t have worried they were absolutely superb. Each member of the band excelled and as another person commented there were no gimmicks or silly fancy dress just superb musicianship. At the end of well over two hours they deservedly had a standing ovation from the entire audience. If you love Cream and Hendrix make sure you see these guys in 2019.

  127. Brian Ferrar
    Brian Ferrar at · · Reply

    Absolutely fabulous concert at the Astor in Deal this evening. How three muscisians can produce such superb sound is beyond me. Each muscician was excellent in their own right. The lead guitarist/singer blew my mind, The bass guitarist was as good as thunder fingers and the drummer was awesome., Tne drummer’s ten minuute solo (or however long it was!) was the most accomplished drum solo I have ever had the pleasure of listening too. Very well done guys. Sorry you had to drive home – I still owe you a pint! Look forward to seeing you again soon.

  128. Glenn Spiteri
    Glenn Spiteri at · · Reply

    Excellent performance at Livingston last night ( 18/10/2018 ). No phoney costumes, look-alikes or gimmicks, just authentic sounds of Hendrix and Cream. Highlight of the show was an incredible drum solo performed by Mr Tonks, how he kept that solo pace up for so long was incredible!

  129. John Rutherford
    John Rutherford at · · Reply

    Saw the band last night at Kinross.

    They were great, over two hours of Classic rock, and it’s obvious the band love the music of that era.
    Not many 3 piece bands would tackle Layla, but it had the power and passion of the original.

    Pete Orr’s [ got to have Scottish roots with a name like Orr ] mastery of the strat
    was something to see, all the Hendrix licks and runs played to perfection plus the subtle
    chordwork that people forget Hendrix excelled at, Pete’s intro to Little Wing was note perfect .

    Thanks guys , hope to see you again soon, and I expect you to learn Born Under a Bad Sign and
    Sleepy Time Time.

  130. David Saunders
    David Saunders at · · Reply

    When I saw Voodoo Room on a flyer at St Georges Theatre in Great Yarmouth, I was in two minds whether to go or not. After a lot of shall I, shan’t I, on the day before the gig I decided to go. Luckily I managed to get a ticket. What a good job I did.

    It was a great night, I’ve never seen Hendrix before, but it was just like I imagined a gig. However I have seen and met Cream two times at the old Floral Hall in nearby Gorleston in the ’60s. I was just like the real thing. Pete has Clapton off to a tee, Andy is just brilliant and as for John, Ginger Baker would be jealous of his drumming !

    So glad I saw you lads, can’t wait to see you again when you’r in the area. Perfection !

  131. Melanie Sleigh
    Melanie Sleigh at · · Reply

    My sister and I have just watched you perform at Huntingdon Hall in Worcester and you were all MAGNIFICENT! It was the first time we have seen you all but it won’t be the last, after enjoying an absolutely first class show. You are so very talented and we look forward to attending your next show in Worcester. Thank you for a great night in entertainment 5⭐️

  132. Phil Taylor
    Phil Taylor at · · Reply

    Saw you in Penzance last saturday with Jevon Beaumont on bass, great evening, hope you can come back again soon!

  133. Clive Gilbert
    Clive Gilbert at · · Reply

    Saw you last evening at Windsor Theatre. Brilliant. I saw Mr Hendrix in 1970 at the Isle of Wight and he would have been proud of your performance. Never got to see Mr Clapton or Cream but I do have the DVD of Creams’s farewell concert at RAH in November 1968. Keep it going. Hope you get more gigs. Come back to Windsor and I am sure you will get get people in the audience.

  134. Pat Mount
    Pat Mount at · · Reply

    To Peter, John and Andy,
    You were outstanding at Bridlington Spa on the 9th Sept. Class musicianship from all coupled with self effacing humour.
    You are not what I call a ‘tribute’ band. No wigs, costumes or pastiche. Just three excellent musicians who carry the torch for great rock music of the past but with an added twist that is entirely yours. That’s what makes you special.
    Please come back to Brid when you can. We’ll be there!
    Pat and Tina x

  135. Martin
    Martin at · · Reply

    For the second time this year my wife and I saw this great threesome a week ago in East Grinstead. What energy. What skill. What a show. It really is something to see! We are aiming to get to Cranleigh in Janury now!

  136. Jim
    Jim at · · Reply

    I saw the ad via Social Media at 16.00 hours today , and thought can’t miss this, so a bit of short notice to get ready from work but, ‘carpe diem’ and I made it to the gig at Knaresborough. So glad that I did! Great song selection and the sound was great through the amps. Thanks, and hope to see you again, and by the way also its not every day you get to meet ‘The God of Hell Fire’!

  137. Gordon BURNETT
    Gordon BURNETT at · · Reply

    First time I have seen your band , at Broadstairs on 18 May, 2018 and had a brilliant time, wonderful evocation of my favourite music, with humour and humility, thanks guys so much! Spreading word of mouth and will see you again as soon as I can. Thanks for making my day so special, and loved the informality and relaxed nature of your introductions, always good to learn something new. Stay safe and well and keep those concerts coming!

  138. Margaret Evans
    Margaret Evans at · · Reply

    What a great night at South Molton, you guys were brilliant. Look forward to seeing you in Exeter in November. Got my sister and brother in law to come down from Leicestershire to see you, they loved it. Keep up the good work!

  139. Rob
    Rob at · · Reply

    I have seen a lot of live bands over many years and can quite honestly say that
    This trio are in the top ranking . Amazing musicians.

  140. Martin
    Martin at · · Reply

    Guys, enjoyed your Totton gig on the 29th March 2018. Great songs well played and very enjoyable. Look forward to seeing you all next time your in the New Forest…

  141. David Smith
    David Smith at · · Reply

    Caught you guys at Legends Gt Yarmouth thought you were brilliant. The V Lounge certainly appreciated every note. As you say no wigs no gimmicks just fantastic musicians enjoying there trade. Thanks guys.

  142. Mike Hills
    Mike Hills at · · Reply

    Went to see you at Chippenham on 23rd February. I didn’t know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. The guitarist was superb and I was glad he didn’t change his appearance to look like Jimi or Jack!. He played excellently and I loved a proper bit of electric guitar at it’s best. The bass guitarist was also quite incredible and I loved his bass solo! Now the one thing I was dreading was a drummer not of the ilk of our Ginger playing Toad! I thought 20 minutes of mediocre drumming would be awful. BUT, he was fantastic and I could have listened to the famous drum solo for another half an hour! Two or three people went to the toilet when this drum solo was being performed – they must be mad and not true devotees of good solid rock music! Fantastic night in a brilliant little venue to be honest! Good when you go to a gig with a bit of a negative and come out with a huge positive! I preferred the Hendrix and Cream stuff but that is because I have gone off Clapton a bit over the years. Cocaine was played superbly though!

  143. Andy in Whitstabubble!!
    Andy in Whitstabubble!! at · · Reply

    Came to see you at Whitstable on Saturday 3rd Feb. REALLY, REALLY enjoyed the show. …Hadn’t seen you perform before and didn’t know what to expect. …Was a little worried that Mr James Marshall Hendrix would be turning in his grave ….but no way!!! ….He would have applauded you guys. Fabulous guitar work Pete and exceptional bass & drums. We sat in the front row and during the break I spoke to Pete briefly about Jimi’s white Fender and that I had been to Seattle to see Jimi’s resting place.
    Anyway ….brilliant performance and will look forward to seeing you again. … A rare treat of Hendrix, Clapton and Cream.

  144. Gary
    Gary at · · Reply

    Check this out!

    Any chance of playing this at the Luton Library gig 2018?

  145. Mike Haywood
    Mike Haywood at · · Reply

    Saw Voodoo Room for the first time last night at Coalville (01/12/17) – a fantastic performance !! All the lads are hugely talented but Pete’s superlative guitar playing and vocals (and he was suffering with a sore throat !!!) and enthusiasm was truly awesome. Can’t wait to see them again – come back soon lads !!

  146. kevin
    kevin at · · Reply

    We saw Voodoo room at the lyric Carmarthen. Having never seen them before we were blown away by the musicianship of the band. You could imaginen you were listening to the real thing. No fancy gimmicks just superb music. I hope the relatively small crowd won’t stop you coming back. Next time we’ll bring some friends. They will be blown away like us.

  147. norman hopkins
    norman hopkins at · · Reply

    Great night in Blackwood on 4 Nov when I was grinning like a Cheshire cat all night. They give you the classic songs but with the added bonus of their added flavour to the mix which is always played with sensitivity and love for the original. Looking forward to seeing them again in Carmarthen on 18 Nov. Why not come along and be another Cheshire cat enjoying the cream. What with Jimi to boot, it’s a no brainer! Hey, how about “If six was nine” this time?

  148. John Eadington
    John Eadington at · · Reply

    Sorry last comment should have said shame the venue was not full. Sorry.

  149. John Eadington
    John Eadington at · · Reply

    Saw you at the Tunnels in Bristol.
    Absolutely fantastic we really enjoyed the concert, The enthusiasm and skill was amazing. could have listened all night.
    It was a shame that the venue was full.
    Have you thought of trying Stroud Subscription Rooms you would go down there one hell of a treat and it holds about 400 standing.

  150. Atul Vadgama
    Atul Vadgama at · · Reply

    Fantastic musicians trio, great loud live authentic sound of cover songs of Hendrix and Cream ! Saw you at the The Tunnels in Bristol. Thank you

    Like the T-shirt and CD!!

  151. linda
    linda at · · Reply

    Went to see Voodoo room at The Whitstable Playhouse on Saturday 11th February, Brilliant night out
    Hope to see you back there again soon
    Amazing drum solo

  152. Chris
    Chris at · · Reply

    Saw Voodoo Room last night 11th February, at The Playhouse, Whitstable, for the first time and was absolutely blown away by the high standard of musicianship!. We would definitely recommend anybody who loves Cream and Hendrix to go along and see them. A brilliant evening.

  153. Ghil O'Neill
    Ghil O'Neill at · · Reply

    Sat 4th Feb 2017 Morecambe, The Platform

    Fantastic performance last night. The first time I have seen the band and hopefully not the last.

  154. Steve Martin
    Steve Martin at · · Reply

    Just home from The Platform Morecambe. Great show from the guys. They even managed to sound good here. The platform struggles as its very wide and not so deep and a lot of bands can’t seem to get the balance right. Tonight was the best gig there far a good while all praise the sound tech! Excellent gig guys keep on Rocking.

  155. Peter Mitchell
    Peter Mitchell at · · Reply

    Just been to the Lytham gig. A very impressive show, but knew it would be having seen the guys at Bury Met a couple of years ago. The Lowther is our local theatre, but nearly did not attend as we thought the volume was far to high at Bury, in fact almost painfully so. Not only was the volume spot on at Lytham, but the general sound quality was too. If Voodoo Room keep coming to Lytham, then I will keep going to the shows. I am sure that return visits will draw larger audiences simply through the power of word of mouth.

  156. Les & June
    Les & June at · · Reply

    Fantastic performance at The Century Theatre last night from these three very talented musicians – and modest with it – so refreshing! We went home with ringing in our ears feeling that we’d certainly been ‘experienced’ with a BANG! Great stuff. Keep it going. Can’t wait for our next ‘experience’ (we were dead lucky to win two free tickets). Thanks lads – don’t stop doing what you’re doing – we old ‘uns acknowledge and appreciate real talent when we see (and hear) it!!

  157. Les & June
    Les & June at · · Reply

    Fantastic performance at The Century Theatre last night from these three very talented musicians – and modest with it – so refreshing! We went home with ringing in our ears feeling that we’d certainly been ‘experienced’ with a BANG! Great stuff. Keep it going. Can’t wait for our next ‘experience’ (we were dead lucky to win two free tickets). Thanks lads – don’t stop doing what you’re doing – we old ‘uns acknowledge and appreciate real talent when we see (and hear) it!!

  158. Tim Brookes
    Tim Brookes at · · Reply

    Please come back to Coalville when its bit warmer, toes still froze but a great night, thanks guys

  159. Michael starr
    Michael starr at · · Reply

    Spent the evening at the hawth watching voodoo room last night a brilliant evening well worth going to see look forward to seeing them again

  160. Jay Howard
    Jay Howard at · · Reply

    That was an outstanding performance last Friday in Bridgwater Arts Centre. Thanks for a wonderful evening.

    1. Mark Earl
      Mark Earl at · · Reply

      Really glad that we made the effort to see you last night at Komedia in Bath.

      You guys really kicked some butt. I’ve seen some so-called Hendrix ‘tribute’ bands before but none of them can hold a candle to you lot.
      As your publicity says:-
      This is definitively NOT a wig wearing, dress up, pantomime style tribute band – rather, it’s simply great music performed by great players of genuine pedigree.
      And I can’t argue with any of that.
      All the songs you performed were of the highest quality. ‘We’re going wrong’ particularly made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and I think you out-toaded the great Ginger Baker with the drum solo.
      A bit peed off that I didn’t win the free tickets to another show but, what the hell, I would gladly pay the going rate to see those songs performed by three guys who carry the spirit of six legends from the sixties.
      And using equipment from the period too.

      In the words of the great man….

      “Rave on.”

  161. ERIC NOCK
    ERIC NOCK at · · Reply

    Thank you for a spellbinding evening in Workington. I have loved the music of cream and Hendrix since the sixties but never saw either at the time. This is the nearest I will ever get to their music and songs I have loved and sung along to came alive to perfection. The solo on Toad was wonderful and then my favourite Crossroads followed after. I spoke to the band in the interval who were so friendly and informative. The contact with the audience was so good and I came away feeling alive and back in those days. As I said to the drummer at the end keep going I want to see you again. WOW!

  162. Tanya Hinton
    Tanya Hinton at · · Reply

    Thank you so much for such a fantastic evening in Shaftesbury last Saturday. Your playing is totally amazing, I couldn’t sit still in my seat! Wish it had been a standing gig, though when I could bare it no longer I did get up and have a dance at the front. I really hope to see you play again soon!

  163. Alan
    Alan at · · Reply

    Shaftesbury 31st April 2016 – Blown Away! I am never now going to see Hendix or Cream live and if I did manage to get a ticket it would probably be “ant on a stage”. So 4 rows back and seeing, hearing and smelling 3 consummate musicians play 2 hours plus of Hendix and Cream (and probably sounding better than the originals). Gift your ears a gift and catch these guys near you – you will be delighted !

  164. Trevor
    Trevor at · · Reply

    The night in halifax was excellent and last night at the grand in clitheroe was probably even better. A brilliant venue and a superb sound. Congrats to the band on a top drawer performance.voodoo room are a must for any Hendrix and cream fans, and any live music fans are guaranteed a fantastic evening

  165. Peter Bayly
    Peter Bayly at · · Reply

    Thank you for a fantastic set at Horsebridge Centre, Whitstable tonight. My ears are still pleasantly ringing 🙂

  166. Ken Jones
    Ken Jones at · · Reply

    So sorry Pete, it was you on the drums not John Tonks. You were brilliant.

  167. Ken Jones
    Ken Jones at · · Reply

    Just come back from the Leeds gig. Enjoyed it even better than the Halifax one. Pete’s versions of Little Wing, voodoo child, Hey Joe and Red House superb tonight. Special mention to Tonksy on the drums…brilliant. Keep coming back to Yorkshire lads.

    Ken jones

  168. Linda and Steve
    Linda and Steve at · · Reply

    Thank you for a fantastic night of quality music at The Platform in Morecambe last night. Please come back soon.

  169. Ken Jones
    Ken Jones at · · Reply

    So impressed with you all in Halifax recently that I’m coming with 6 friends to your Leeds gig on the 20th Feb. Can’t wait.


  170. Keith
    Keith at · · Reply

    A really great night with Voodoo Room at Mickleton Village Hall County Durham. A bit of an introduction to Hendrix and Cream for me. Loved it, I’m hooked! Very much hoping for a return visit. Fantastic.

  171. Trevor
    Trevor at · · Reply

    We were the late arrivals last night in Halifax, first time a band has waited for me to arrive, and most appreciated because you delivered a top drawer performance. only disappointment was not winning the T shirt !! I’ll be back for another go in Clitheroe . I’ll be spreading the word about how good you guys are and bringing some mates to enjoy some fantastic playing .

  172. Ken jones
    Ken jones at · · Reply

    I’ve been to a lot of gigs in my time but last night in Halifax you guys really impressed me. The sound from your Strat and Marshall amps was awesome. Been a live Hendrix fan for years and some of the stuff brought tears to my eyes as the sound was so good. Will be there at Halifax again if we are privelidged enough for you to come again and this time I will be with a load of friends who I can’t wait to tell them what I experienced last night. Thanks guys, you deserve all the success that comes your way.

    Kind regards


  173. Dave Bennrtt
    Dave Bennrtt at · · Reply

    Passing the Congress Theatre in Cwmbran today and saw the Voodoo Room gig poster. This will be right up my street as I loved Cream and Hendrix in the late 60s. Can’t wait for the gig in the middle of January. My all time Cream favourite is Crossroads live from Wheels of Fire. Hope that you play this!

  174. Ray Bowen
    Ray Bowen at · · Reply

    great gig last night in exeter, cheers

  175. Martin Adams
    Martin Adams at · · Reply

    Great gig last night at Hanger Farm. Will be seeing you again at the Brook next year.

  176. Sue Armitage
    Sue Armitage at · · Reply

    Absolutely world class last night in Enfield!! Look forward to seeing you again. Hendrix and Cream fans, do yourselves a favour and go see Voodoo Room. x

  177. Sue Armitage
    Sue Armitage at · · Reply

    Absolutely world class last night in Enfield!! Look forward to seeing you again. Hendrix and Cream fans, do yourselves a favour and fo see Voodoo Room. x

  178. Richard Weatherstone
    Richard Weatherstone at · · Reply

    Amazing gig last night at the Hawth crawley , my 2nd time seeing you this year, will be there again next year , , ,any idears when , I think you could do with some big posters out in the foyet , to completely pack it out , , and John , you spoke to me and my son just before you were due to come on

  179. Allan Porthouse
    Allan Porthouse at · · Reply

    Great evening yesterday at the Hawth

  180. Dave and Di Jenkins
    Dave and Di Jenkins at · · Reply

    Both of us really enjoyed the brilliant show at Old Town Swindon last night.My husband saw Cream many years ago and thought you were all better! Now that is a compliment.Great night,can’t wait to see you again.

    1. John Tonks
      John Tonks at · · Reply

      Praise indeed!! 🙂

  181. Jenifer and David Jones
    Jenifer and David Jones at · · Reply

    You were absolutely brilliant last night at the Old Town, Swindon. Thanks for a great evening.

  182. lainelow
    lainelow at · · Reply

    Gig at Bungay 19th Sept was awesome. We were so impressed. This band is a ‘must see’ for any Cream or Hendrix fan

    1. John Tonks
      John Tonks at · · Reply

      Thanks man!

  183. John Tonks
    John Tonks at · · Reply

    Great gig at Sevenoaks!

    1. John Tonks
      John Tonks at · · Reply


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